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As a Fire Valve Manufacturer, share with you.

A Fire valve (or landing valves) is a manual stop valve which shall be fitted to the hose system. The valve is screw-down type and is closed by turning the handle in a clockwise direction. We can supply fire valve with many different connectors.
Using proven and trusted technology, we offer a versatile line of fire valves for diverse applications, including oil and gas, energy and power generation, tunnels and transportation, storage facilities, commercial, industrial, or residential systems.

Fire Valves We offer a fire valve range to serve your burning appliance or fuel system needs. We supply several types of fire valve variations in various sizes and lengths. These include capillary valves, drop weight valves (or Free Fall) and Fusible Head Valves (or Handwheel) and Lever valves.
Fire protection starts with high-performance, high-quality firefighting valves that direct and control the flow of water safely and efficiently. Designed for dependability and ease of use, Retool’ heavy duty fire apparatus valves exceed NFPA requirements when used with a variety of actuators.

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China Fire Valve Manufacturer

Post time: Jun-21-2021