November, 2018, All Members Of RETOOL Travel To Beijing


Group trip this time is different from previous years’, because we are going to Beijing - our capital city. It was very exciting for everyone, and some carried their families and children. It’s also close to Beijing and very convenient. It took about 4 hours by bus, which saved us a lot of time. A few days before departure, we were ready, because it was a collective activity, we would arrange the work to be done in advance, so as to have a better time. What impressed me most was watching the flag raising ceremony in Tiananmen Square. The scene was very spectacular. People could not help but feel deeply for our motherland. We also sang along with the national anthem. This is our group photo in Tiananmen. We named it “Retool in Beijing”. How interesting!

Then we went to the Great Wall, the Imperial Palace and Houhai, which are famous scenic attractions in Beijing. We tasted the local snacks, cakes and authentic Beijing roast duck in Beijing. We had a great time. Many thanks for Mr. Zhuang (our boss) to give us this welfare, so that we can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the motherland after work.

If you have the opportunity, you are also welcome to come to China and feel our enthusiasm and simplicity.

We also hope to cooperate with more domestic and foreign friends. 

Post time: Jul-29-2020