Pump housing part

The pump housing is such a significant part, working to protect the inner rotor of a pump. Especially, among materials, cast iron pump casing is pretty preferable due to its excellent advantages.

Shijiazhuang Retool Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd. established in 1994, is engaged in investment casting and machining of stainless steel, carbon steel, and many other kinds of low-alloy and high-alloy steel. The pump housing part is one of our main product.

Why choose us?
Retool company has nearly 26 years experience in precision casting. It will bring you choice, convenience, and competitive cost. We believe that we will be able to provide you with best service and the best products.

Retool Company is a trusted partner in the casting industry. We exercise this trust and use our knowledge to match your casting requirements. Our engineers are experienced in all segments of the casting industry. We always give the top priority to quality and we strictly control every production procedure according to ISO9001.

Post time: Dec-24-2021